Our People

Our people are the heart and soul of PxPhoto. They're the best in their fields, deeply dedicated to their work and professional in everything they do. As a team we have a tremendous track record of success, innovation and creativity.

We hire very carefully, taking our time to find the perfect candidate for each position on our team. We choose people not only for their skills and expertise but also for their personality, sense of humour and passion for what we do. This approach has been a core component of our success over the past ten years.

Our work environment is unique by most standards. We have only a few offices and meeting rooms – leaving the rest completely open. Although the office can sometimes be a little noisy, the openness helps maintain a feeling that we’re all working together to solve the mighty content challenges of the global travel industry – something we’re all passionate about.

We’re all open and accepting of new ideas and concepts, we own our initiatives and goals, we believe in the company's Core Values and we show deep respect and pride in the products we produce.